a.You have a classroom for a semester/year. When you take up this space at the beginning of the semester, you want it to be tidy. It is your responsibility to leave your space tidy at the end of the semester, so others receive a tidy space as well.

b.In case of incidental use of a workspace/lab/laboratory/smart room, such as during the assignment days, you have to leave the area in orderly fashion.

c.Be thoughtful about the sound level you produce. Always take other members of the space into account and do not unnecessarily disturb others.

d.Respect the provided spaces and furniture, do not break, disfigure, paint, scratch or disassemble what is not your property.

e.It is not allowed to move furniture, especially between classes, without permission of the responsible persons.

f.The breaking of electrical equipments, switches, circuit breakers,CCTV installations ,projectors etc is punishable