To ensure the students neat, safe, well-groomedappearance and to avoid dress competition and classroom distractions, Farook educational society adheres to a uniform and grooming policy. All students are expected to comply with these uniform and grooming guidelines, which will be strictly enforced inside the campus. There are no free dress days.


All parents and students are expected to support compliance with the dress and grooming policy, which is revised occasionally in the sole and absolute discretion of the college. It is the parent’s responsibility to become acquainted with the policy and procedural changes so that the students remain in compliance with them. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their wards come to the college neatly dressed.

The management and the authorities have the final decision on the appropriateness of dress and grooming. If there is any doubt about required uniform, or grooming guidelines, consult the principal or faculty for clarifications.


Boys Uniform

Shirts :   Silver black chain designed shirting,

                Button-down, Classic collared, half/full  sleeves Shirts.

Pants :   Plain dark navy blue suiting material, pleated classic plain pants.

                 Plain, walking-type black shoes or foot wares.

Girls Uniform

Churidhar Top :   Silver black chain designed Shirting, Longsleeved Churidar top with no side slit and half

coat with blackish blue strips suiting material and Plain black mafta.

Churidar bottom:  Dark black fabric material. Plain, walking-type black shoes or foot wears.

Grooming guidelines are developed to be consistent with the colleges’s explicit mission to create an environment that demonstrates values, supports high standards of instruction and learning, and prepares the students for the future. The overall expectation is that parents and students will focus on neatness, cleanliness, and modesty in the student’s personal appearance.

Hair: Hair must be neatly groomed at all times. Hair styling and colour must not be distracting or attract undue attention to the individual.

Jewelry / Accessories: All Jewelry/accessories must be simple and non-distracting. The colours of the accessories must complement the uniform. Pierced jewelry is allowed only in the ears. Make-up is not encouraged and should always be modestly applied and not attract undue attention to the individual.

Students are not entitled to wear Sun glasses inside the campus but prescription glasses are allowed

Glasses are not to be worn on the top of heads or hung from the uniform.

ID Cards may not be clipped to the pocket or shirt collar. It should be worn over the neck.

While stitching the uniform Students have to ensure that it is in the correct style, as instructed in the pamphlet supplied along with the uniform kit (i.e.,correct configuration of pockets, sleeves ,zip etc.)


  • Students are expected to respect the uniform and are compulsorily required to attend the college, wearing proper uniform on all working days, for all occasions, functions, special classes, exam days, office visits and revision classes.
  • Each studentl is expected to possess at least three sets of regular uniforms.
  • Students are not permitted to make alterations, additions, or omissions to the uniform
  • Uniform material should not bear any self designs on them
  • Uniforms should be washed and ironed daily.
  • It is not instructed to tuck/insert the shirttails.
  • They need not wear the uniform if they are permitted on special cases by the authorities.
  • Undershirts must be solid white with no writing. Long-sleevedundershirts may not be worn with short-sleeved uniform shirts.
  • No jackets or coats are allowed for boys.
  • Outer garments may not be tied around the waist.
  • Boys are expected to maintain short and trimmed hair.
  • Uniform should always be checked for buttons. Safety pins should not be used.
  • Only black shoes are to be used.
  • Fancy black brands are NOT permitted
  • Footwear must be closed toe and closed heel.
  • Socks must be worn at all timesq.Hats are never allowed indoors or outdoors, except on an athletic field and as part of an athletic uniform.
  • Hats are never allowed indoors or outdoors, Except on an athletic field and as part of an athletic uniform
  • If a student is out of uniform, he/she will not be permitted to sit inside the class. However on valid reasons and special requests made by the parents this may be excused.



Pants: The uniform pants must be worn at the waist (not at the hips) and may not be oversized (that is, of a larger waist or inseam length than what is appropriate for the wearer), baggy, ragged, torn, unhemmed, or extremely faded.

Shirts: Shirts must be of a size appropriate to the wearer and need not be tucked/inserted in. Items worn under the shirt must be tucked in to the pants and not visible below the sleeve or bottom hem of the uniform or the below the belt. Tucked in shirts should not come below the belt. Undershirts must be white.


Churidar Top: The uniform churidar top must be of modest length with full sleeves. Low neck cuts are not allowed and also no side cuts or side open varieties are allowed for the top.

Churidar Bottom: The uniform churidar bottom must be worn at the waist ( not all the hips), and may not be oversized (that is, of a size larger waist or inseam length than what is appropriate for the wearer), baggy, ragged, torn, unhemmed, or extremely faded.


All students must wear shoes or chappals at college premises, and on locations where their identity has to be evidenced. Foot wares must be clean and polished. The wearing of foot wares other than that listed above will not be permitted. Where students require a medical exception to wear an alternate design of footwear, they should apply to the principal for approval. The heels and style of the shoe and footwear cannot compromise safety in an emergency. Shoe and foot wares must be fastened securely, closed- toed, and closed-heeled, and go no higher than the top of the ankle. Shoes with heels over 1.5 inches high, slip-onshoes of any kind (e.g., loafers, topsiders, or boat shoes with leather laces), platform shoes, zippered shoes, dress shoes,mid-calf boots, or sandals are not permitted.All students should dress appropriately for Physical Education Class.

Any negligence or non compliance with the above policy and instructions shall be considered as a uniform default and will invite disciplinary action under breach of student code of conduct