Programmes include: instruction in basic study skills; tutorial services; academic, financial, or personal counseling; assistance in securing admission and financial aid for enrollment in post graduate and professional programs;guidance on career options; and special coaching  for students with limited English proficiency. Personal and academic advisement is available on both an individual and group basis. Students are required to participate in a scheduled counseling calendar. A full-time Lady Counseling  staff member is assigned to work with students. Full time class advisors are also appointed to counsel and direct students .

The contact is frequent and continuous throughout the student’s tenure at the College. the class advisor  may help the studen son all matters related to academic activities, internal assessment problems and personal grievances that need to redress. The class advisor  arranges extra tutorial hours to all program students whenever the student or the student’s counselor feels that additional study, remediation, or review is necessary to the academic success of the student At mid-term and prior to final exams, Student Support Services advisors  make individual requests  to  faculty members to evaluate  each students’ academic progress. These  preliminary evaluations allow advisors and students to gauge the students’ achievement  level and to identify and remedy academic problems before it is too late. Advisors organize a variety of workshop sessions and group counseling experiences, which  address such topics as personality, stress, financial aid, career exploration, and anxiety.  Other group sessions may be arranged depending on the needs of the students.