The Student Support Services (SSS)


A significant portion of college education occurs outside the typical classroom setting. Involvement in extracurricular activities and college union activities is encouraged as a means to supplement academic instruction. The College takes pride in its contribution to the total development of the student. In addition to the student clubs, many campus activities are available to nurture their histrionic, aesthetic and physical talents. Those who participate or organise these programmes should enter in the activity card and vouch for their absence from the classes from the respective teacher.


A college union is constituted every year as per the notifications and recommendations given by the university in accordance with proposals made by the lingdho commission. College union acts as platform for the students to develop their democratic beliefs and also to develop their organisational ability and leadership qualities. Office bearers of the college union are elected in a democratic process. The management has stalled organizational activities of student organizations directly or indirectly by holding meetings, distributing leaflets, literature printed or otherwise, inside the campus.


Daily evening and Weekly rehearsals are maintained in preparation for zonal and other College appearances..Previous experience, although desirable, is not a requirement for the aspiring candidates. Several Group and individual items are given training and patronage under the club. Interested students can enrol their names with the fine arts director or with the individual teacher who is in charge of a particular item. Group items like Western music, Kolkali, Vattapattu, Duff Muttu, Skit, Drama, quiz etc. start rehearsals early. Clubs are formed to identify and nurture talents in literary and other cultural activities.


Farook Arts and Science College provides an extensive programme of team and individual activities for students, including volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, Cricket and football. A great deal of enthusiasm is generated through the intramural competitions. For more details and a schedule of events and participation details contact the Physical education director.


Farook Arts and Science College have class advisors to assist students with academic questions. These class advisors provide general advising. Once a student enrols into a programme a class advisor will be assigned to him. Advisors assist students in preparing for their college programme and provide them personal guidance and counselling in times of stress and interpersonal problems. Students are expected to schedule periodic conferences and meetings with the class advisor during their tenure as a student to discuss their career/degree plan and to review their academic progress.


Hon’ble Supreme Court of India had taken serious note of ragging in Campuses and in its Judgment had directed that the recommendations of the Raghavan Committee appointed by the Court shall be implemented and compliance reported. Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in OP No. 31139/99 had also directed certain steps to be taken by the Police Department. In response to the guidelines given by the court and the DGP an Anti-Ragging Committee & Anti-Ragging Squad at the level of college consisting representatives of the faculty members, representatives of parents, representatives of students belonging to fresher category as well as non teaching staff is formed in the college. This committee is headed by the head of the institution. It shall consider the recommendation of the anti ragging Squad and take appropriate decisions, including spelling out suitable punishments to those found guilty. The chairman, convenors and members of these committees are given in the Student Support Staff list


An ethics committee has been constituted as per the Govt. Order (RT) No. 346/05/H.Ed.dt.01/03/2005 to monitor the ban of the implementation of the mobile phones, cinematic dance and fashion shows on the campus. The committee comprises of members from the College PTA, Staff, Student Union, Management Committee, NSS, NCC and from Local Authorities.


National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, organised under the aegis of university of Calicut has allotted NSS unit no.213 to function in our college. Hundred NSS volunteers will be enrolled from the first and second year degree- class students. Preference should be given to the students who have worked as NSS volunteers at +2 level also. The main objective of NSS programme is to prepare the NSS volunteers for the democratic,self-disciplined and self-reliant way of life and also to develop leadership qualities of student volunteers. NSS units are organised and run on democratic lines and volunteers are encouraged to participate in planning, execution and evaluation of NSS programme.


The University of Calicut has introduced 15 days of Compulsory Social Service (CSS) as a pre-requisite for the award of first degree. Accordingly, the undergraduate students grouped under several tutorial advisors have to undergo social service activities for 15 days in the duration of the course. Since the CSS is compulsory it is organised under one co-ordinator supported by the class advisors as member co-ordinators.


The Career advising and placement cell(CAPC) helps you with career exploration and assist in your search for a job or the scope of higher studies. At Farook Arts and Science College you will have opportunities to develop your personality and leadership qualities under CAPC. CAPC help you to develop a winning resume, review and practice your interviewing skills, or for general help with career decisions and job search. CAPC will be responsible to hold career guidance classes to the students and assist them to review latest and contemporary developments in this field..


To inculcate entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the Science, commerce and management graduates, to develop entrepreneurship student groups and to motivate them to start up their business our college has organised an EDP club. It is meant to orient faculty members on the need and importance of entrepreneurial spirit among the students in the campus and also to conduct programmes to empower women entrepreneurs. In addition, it assists aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing new business, through consultancy and business advisory services from govt agencies.


The college has a formal mechanism to redress complaints, grievances or harassments of any sort directed from any corner through the formation CGRC. The basic outline of the procedure is not intended to replace current informal procedures, but only provide an additional avenue of dialog for students. The CGRC shall provide a prompt, fair, and equitable hearing for each grievance filed and submits a written recommendation to the Chairman Disciplinary Committee for rendering a final decision.The details of filing the grievances and subsequent procedures are clearly outlined in the student code of conduct procedures in this handbook.


The College Film Club was started with a view to conduct film related awareness among its members and conducts seminars, workshops, film review contests, documentary film screening etc. The activity of the Film Club is to draw students towards an active involvement in the Film Club through continued activities and video shoot competitions. The events were intended not only to expand their knowledge in the field of cinematography and associated science, but also to impart a cultural value as well as an obligation towards the society they live in.


The Quiz Club is one of the most proactive and popular clubs among the student clubs at FASC. The club is dedicated to preparing and hosting quality quizzes for the student population on the campus. Events range from department based quizzes to quizzes such as Annual General Quiz, the club offers a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry students. The gamut of activities include the Quiz Week ( an intra-mural event ) to quizzes covering specific themes, such as business, sports, literature, fine arts, entertainment, history and politics. With a motivated team of members and an encouraging response from the students, the Quiz Club promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing among the participants.


Red Ribbon Club with the financial assistance from the Kerala StateAIDS Control Society was formed in our College drawing hundred volunteers each year who form a blood donation forum in the college to promote awareness of HIV prevention and encourage voluntary and safe blood donation. The Red Ribbon Club with the joint initiative of the HDFC BANK and GOVT .HOSPITAL PERINTHALMANNA conduct annual blood donation camps in the college.


The Literary Club aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers the student’s opportunities to appreciate different types of literature increase the knowledge about writers/literary figures and literary classics and showcase their own work. Students develop interest in reading, writing and enjoy taking part in debates and quizzes related to literature.


This club is a group of students to explore the mass media and to shortlist programmes/articles /features/documentary and other valuable resources coming up or that may be repeated, that would help students in gathering useful knowledge and wholesome entertainment. This would help students to choose the kind of media they would like to use and so it would facilitate to optimize reading/ viewing and enable constructive content management.


The Cell is working as a forum for guidance, counselling, training and welfare programmes for women. Its motto is “Empowered Women: Nations Strength”. Its objective is to promote awareness and active response among women to bring out their full potential as resources for their own development and that of the nation. The cell aims at enlightening and uplifting girls through various programmes like training in emotional stability, career growth and entrepreneurial forums, skills and craft exhibitions etc. The cell helps the girl students to place their grievances at the right place at the right time.


The college has organised a palliative care unit under the District Panchayat’s programme of STUDENT INITIATIVE IN PALLIATIVE CARE. The care club is having a volunteer capacity of hundred students including lady students cooperating with KANIV- the pain and palliative care, volunteers Kottakkal. Students can enrol their names at the beginning of an academic year to the club.


A parents and teachers association is formed in the college. It is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in the smooth functioning of the college. All parents are enrolled as members of the PTA at the time of admissions. The Executive Committee of PTA is constituted through an election as per the Government guidelines. The PTA Executive committee meets from time to time to achieve its aims and objectives. Suggestions and observations of the members are considered seriously and implemented wherever feasible.The Parent Teacher Association has been enthusiastically lending its support to various activities. It regularly helps in the organization of the events, Co- curricular activities and functions to honour students

who have excelled in academics, sports and other activities.


College council is an advisory body on internal and academic administration affairs of the college. It is a body comprising the principal, heads of various departments, the librarian and two nominated members from the staff club The College Council, as a representative body, is responsible for advising the society on matters of infrastructural and academic development of the college. In fact, college council is the final Appellate Board to the staff and to the students at the college


The Nodal Officer Admissions is responsible for providing an orientation for all first semester students enrolled in a particular year. Orientation must be completed before students are allowed to register for another semester. Orientation class should encompass talks on student code of conduct, union elections, college level activities, exam and semester details and classes on leadership and personality development. Attendances in these classes are compulsory for all the first semester students