The following regulations apply to all persons operating vehicles on the College campus.

a.No permission is granted to bring cars to the campus by the students. Prior permission should be sought to bring cars in an emergency situation.

b.Motor cycle, scooter operators must possess a valid driver’s license.

c.Motor cycle, scooter must be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner at all times.

d.Intentionally impeding or endangering normal pedestrian or vehicle traffic is prohibited.

e.The maximum speed limit on campus is 20 K.P.H. Speed should be reduced as weather and road conditions dictate.

f.Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Leave the campus with your Motor cycle or scooter only after pedestrian density on the road gets low.

g.All Motor cycle, scooter should have mufflers in proper working order. Excessive noise is prohibited and is a violation of student code of conduct.

h.Motor cycle, scooters must be operated on the campus roads, and on the reach roads -from Mini Road to Campus with less interference to the neighbouring community.

i.All parked vehicles must be property registered and in operable condition.

j.All State laws governing the operation of motorcycles must be observed.

k.Students are asked not to leave their vehicles on campus overnight. Those who find it necessary to leave their vehicles on campus during the night are to contact the security for authorization.

l.Individuals should refrain from parking in the following areas: areas in yellow paint, on sidewalks or lawns, in front of gates, spots specially marked, or where a vehicle would block away or access.

m.Students should neither mount on the parked vehicles nor should sit in the parking shed.

n.Violations of College parking regulations may result in disciplinary action.