a.Upon admission and enrolment at the college, each student is issued a photo identity card which is valid during his/her period of study at the college. Students should carry the identity card all the time and it is compulsory to enter into the exam hall, lab, library, canteen etc.

b.The Student Identity Card is for identification purposes . Offices on campus will verify the data on the card against the student record system to determine eligibility for various college/ university services.

c.Each student is responsible for the use of his/her Student Identity Card which is not transferable to any other person. Students must ensure that their Student Identity Cards are kept secure and are not deliberately or inadvertently made available for use by any other person.

d.The Student Identity Card must be presented for identification purposes at the request of an authorised person of the college/ University. Any student refusing to provide the Student Identity Card when requested by such an authorised person may be subject to disciplinary action.

e.Alteration, falsification, disfigurement of photos or misuse of the Student Identity Card is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, and other related college/university rules and regulations, and will be subject to disciplinary action. Fraudulent use of the Student Identity Card may also result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.

f.A student who has lost his/her Student Identity Card should report this to the class advisor and submit a request to the Principal to invalidate the old ID and issue a new one as soon as possible. Untill the loss is reported and the old card invalidated, the student may be held responsible for any unauthorised use of that card.

g.Replacement of Student Identity Card due to loss, damage, theft or change in name will attract a charge as determined by the college.

h.Students should return their Student Identity Cards to the college, for cancellation upon withdrawal or termination of studies.

i.Upon completion or cessation of studies at the college,, the student must no longer use the Student Identity Card for proof of his/her student status for any purpose.