CAFE - FAROOK is a large space meant to accommodate lunching facilities to various student/staff communities at the peak hours from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. It is an area to have your /tea/coffee together, have a chat and share a laugh with cola/ edibles. Café farook is created and sustained by FES, for the benefit of all members of the farook community. (For all institutions) Everybody using the space should therefore, partake in keeping it a pleasant area. When you enter the area always cooperate with the canteen staff and follow the standing instructions.

a.The canteen is having exclusive areas for ladies and gents and staff members. Never encroach into areas assigned to each category.

b.Students are strictly advised not to idle away their time inside the canteen during class hours. They should not use canteen space as a study area/discussion area/hiding place from attending classes.

c.Canteen is open for 5 days a week for both recess and lunch, providing a wide range of meal options across the week. Students can use the canteen facility only at the time schedule given by each institution head and also should oblige to the special instructions passed onto them by their head.

d.At lunchtime we could really do with a volunteer service to serve ourselves. If we had this extra help it would ensure that all the students will get served in the time available, preventing the incidence of this cost onto us.

e.Orders are to be placed in advance by acquiring the token from the canteen. Look for the menu at the front door of the canteen and place your orders before 9.30am each day.

f.If late to the campus please procure your token from the canteen staff immediately.

g.Money is to be paid while procuring the token.

h.Lunches are to be collected at the Canteen from the counter that is marked with the year that you are in or the institution you are from.

i.The first twenty minutes of lunch time is for college students/ staff only, so it is advisable to be quick to the canteen, otherwise it will encroach into others time.

j.Drinks must be ordered with your lunches.

k.Additional items such as Ice-creams, fried chicken/fish/ omelette/cola and chips are to be ordered at the counter and must pay then and there.

l.Daily specials are to be ordered only on the days specified

as per the menu.

m.When you leave the café, put your tray, plate and cutlery in the designated spaces and use the bins for trash. It is not allowed to move these tray, plate, cutlery and bins

n.The College Canteen is a large spacious area, with a variety of refreshments and meals available. It tends to be the most popular place on campus, not only for physical refreshment but also for student bonding, and coffee time. Students are to be courteous at all times.