In order to promote all round development and growth of the personality, every student is expected to join  and be an active member of  two of the following


The NSS aims at personality development of students through community service.  The major objectives are to work with and among the people, engage in productive social work, to enrich the society through practical programmes of rural development, to bridge the gulf between educated and uneducated people in the society and to promote the uplift of weaker section.

Programme Officer: Mr. Muhammad Faris


Students are given facility take part in athletics and sports activities under the guidance of the physical education director. Facilities for indoor and outdoor games are available in the campus.Basketball,ballbadminton, volleyball,football, hockey,handball courts are available in the campus

Physical Education Director: Mr. Samsheer Kunnath


Students are encouraged to attend on-campus and community-based, College-sponsored functions. They are also promoted to participate in the zonal to inter-zonal competitions held by the university. A teacher designated as fine arts director is supposed to guide, manage and monitor their performances.

Fine Arts Director: Mr. Mujeeb Rahman


Its aim is to develop Entrepreneurial skills of the students. Speeches, seminars by eminent persons, face-to-face interaction with the successful entrepreneurs, businesspersons etc. are arranged for this purpose.

Mr.Abdulrahiman AT

Complaints Grievances Redress cell

The CGRC is formed under the directions of the university to redress the complaints and the grievances of students on internal evaluation. The CGR committee is constituted on 3 levels to provide meaningful and effective precedents against any act of discrimination, harassment and injustice in internal evaluation process. First at the level of teacher concerned, second at the level of department committee and third at the level of college committee.The student can lodge his complaints regarding the internal assessment directly to the concerned teacher and if the grievances are not redressed he can raise the complaint before the Department Committee. In the event of a further discrimination and injustice he can put the complaint before the college level committee and plead justice.

Women’s Harassment Prevention Committee

A committee is formed as per the guidelines of the university to redress various types of complaints from the part of girl students/female staff. The committee suggests various measures for the prevention of harassment and continually monitors the well-being of girls inside and outside the campus.


College Union

The College Union is constituted every year as per the rules and regulations of the University of Calicut.

Union Advisor: Mr Mujeeb Rahman (COMMERCE DEPT.)


The college has set up a career guidance centre to enhance the career prospects of the students. The centre is dedicated to equip the students to face the challenges of job market and also prepare the students to face competitive exams and entrance tests for their further studies as well as jobs in governmental and corporate sector .Centre familiarises students to the trends in the career market, identify and implement those programmes to muster the required skill and talents required by the students especially the employability of the students .The centre arranges campus interviews also.